Talent Toolbox: People First

This eLearning course teaches employers to increase profits by hiring the best and most talented people and how to maintain those employees. It uses both vector images and photographs with a narrator to create this motion graphics course.

Photoshop Production / Illustrator Production / Flash Production / Flash Development / AfterEffects Production

Module 2 Page 1 – The Cost of Turnover (Part 1)
This video is Part 1 of the page. This portion is followed by an interactive where the user clicks on a list of turnover items.

After the interactive, the video continues. Please view the video below.

Module 2 Page 1 – The Cost of Turnover (Part 2)

Highlights of this video:
0:00 – Answers to the interactive
0:14 – Transition to vector animation
1:15 – Narrator, motion graphics, and text build transition
2:06 – Transition to new arrow and image animation