2014 E-Class Overview

This eLearning course highlights the redesign of the E-Class vehicle. We use full screen images, highlight words, and vector overlays to show the changes, including vehicle systems.

Photoshop Production / Illustrator Production / Flash Production

Module 10 Page 1 – Optional Driver Assistance Package 997
This page of the course reviews the different optional driving assistance packages that are available for the E-Class. Each package is illustrated through different motion graphics road animations.

Highlights of this video:
0:00 – Vector overlay animation
0:36 – New stereo camera road animation
0:51 – Optional Active Lane Keeping Assist road animation
1:35 – Optional Active Blind Spot Assist road animation
2:12 – Distronic Plus road animation
2:43 – PRE-SAFE road animation
4:02 – BAS Plus road animation
4:34 – PRE-SAFE Brake road animation
5:37 – Pedestrian Protection road animation