VAK for Sales Consultants and Managers

This is a video based eLearning course for Mercedes-Benz Sales Consultants and Managers. It helps the sales team improve their sales numbers by training them on how decipher what type of customer (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) they are working with. The course uses simple, clear motion graphics with a narrator.

Photoshop Production / Flash Production / AfterEffects Production

Module 2 Page 1 – Identifying VAK by What People Say

Highlights of this video:
0:00 – Narrator with motion graphics background
0:10 – Visual type person explanation
0:18 – Auditory type person explanation
0:23 – Kinesthetic type person explanation
0:32 – Examples of the different types of people
2:12 – Transition between a new subject (Customers to Employees)
2:34 – Transition to new subject of body language
3:15 – Popup animation of a note
3:44 – Animation of note closing
4:10 – Transition of images
4:33 – Popup animation of a note

Module 6 Page 1 – Flip Video Message
This page of the course continues the use of simple, clear images, but also incorporates the used of a Flip camera’s running footage synced to the narrator’s actions.

Highlights of this video:
0:21 – Begins the narrator’s flip camera video
1:27 – Transition out from the flip camera example to tips
2:09 – Review
2:26 – Transition to a summary of word usage, body language, and appearance
3:42 – Popup animation of note
3:56 – Transition to Thank you